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We build products that bring families together.

Leaving Earth

A game about planning and about managing risk in the Space Race, looking forward from 1956 at what the next twenty years might bring... (see more)

Seamwise™ Hand Tools

Great news! Our hot colors for wooden seam rippers, seam presses and screwdriver sets are back. You have got to check this out. After months of searching we have finally located a supply of this phenomenal colored layered birch hardwood material. The material is so hard that it turns like acrylic and looks finished even before we apply a tough satin lacquer finish. Our Seamwise™ products are in very high demand, so order early. Each is hand turned, so no two are exactly the same.... (see more)


Five endearing sheep would like to come live at your house. They are a fun loving flock that doesn't require tending... (see more)


Introducing a series of ladybug-themed decorations... (see more)