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Caravans of Asia

Board Layout

Caravans of Asia™ is a strategic game of trade and travel inspired by Marco Polo and the Silk Road. For thousands of years, merchant caravans have traversed the dusty routes of inner Asia, bearing strange and exotic goods from one corner of the world to the other.

In Caravans of Asia you become a merchant caravan seeking your fortune by trading goods across the continent – but beware, for there are many dangers that await you, from treacherous mountains to blinding sandstorms and thieving bandits. Your success will require wise decisions, an eye for danger, and a bit of luck.

  • 2–6 players
  • 45–60 minutes
  • ages 12+
  • 17″ × 22″ interlocking playing board

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The rules are available for download in .pdf format. See our entry at

"...for those of us who enjoy a game we can really sink our teeth into, Caravans of Asia is a winner." –Home School Enrichment Magazine

Arabian Sails (expansion)

Sail the high seas in Arabian Sails, the first expansion to the trading game Caravans of Asia. In this expansion, you can play as a seagoing merchant, riding the monsoon winds across the Indian Ocean.

Plan your travels well, and the winds will help take you where you want to go. Plan poorly, and you may find yourself blown off-course. The islands of the Indies have many riches, but sailing across the open sea has many dangers.

This game is best suited for three to six players, ages twelve and up.

Arabian Sails connects to the main board, adding East Africa, southern India, southeast Asia, and the islands of Indonesia.

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Arabian Sails is an expansion, not a stand-alone game, so you’ll need a copy of Caravans of Asia to play.

The rules are available for download in .pdf format.

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