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Seam Presses

A seam press is a tool for pressing open seams of cotton fabrics without using a hot iron. Our round seam press fits your hand quite well, letting you use the tool for prolonged period comfortably. Colors vary from one to the next.


Place a stitched seam with the front side face down on a hard table. Start to open the seam on the back side by hand. Use the rounded end of the seam press to press the seam open, just like you would with an iron. After two or three passes, a seam in cotton fabric will open up. It eliminates the need for a hot iron at your sewing table.


Seam presses date from the early 1800's. Imagine what it was like back then to press your seams open without a seam press. You would have to start up your wood stove, get it up to about 400F, place your iron on the stove, wait about 15 minutes for it to heat up, then you can press your seams open. Now, this might be great in the winter when it is cold, or maybe in South Dakota in the spring. But when summer comes, imagine what your home was like with 80-90F temperatures outside and a hot wood stove inside.

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