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Acrylic Seam Rippers

When you have to rip out a seam (a job no one wants to do) you should have a gorgeous tool to do the job. Seamwise™ seam rippers have a very sharp tip that easily cuts through a seam. When you're done with the job, flip it around so the sharp end is safely tucked away, out of reach.

The acrylic handles come in a great variety of colors, with phenomenal iridescence and opalescence, beyond what a simple photograph can show. With so many nice colors and patterns, it's hard to choose which one to buy, either for yourself or for a gift.



206.6105Abalone$24.95Add to Cart

Beads of Amber

206.6134Beads of Amber$24.95Add to Cart

Cookies & Cream

206.6133Cookies & Cream$24.95Add to Cart

Cotton Candy

206.6124Cotton Candy$24.95Add to Cart

Electric Fire

206.6122Electric Fire$24.95Add to Cart

Glowing Embers

206.6104Glowing Embers$24.95Add to Cart

Green Meadow

206.6112Green Meadow$24.95Add to Cart


206.6132Jawbreaker$24.95Add to Cart


206.6106Jupiter$24.95Add to Cart

Northern Lights

206.6114Northern Lights$24.95Add to Cart

Royal Purple

206.6101Royal Purple$24.95Add to Cart


206.6110Stratosphere$24.95Add to Cart

Western Red

206.6126Western Red$24.95Add to Cart