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Our wool felt kits are born out of the penny rug traditions of the early 1800s.

Set of Five Iced Sugar Cookies – Kit

Want to try a zero fat, zero protein, and zero carb cookie? Yep, truly zero calories. Our wool felt cookies are great for your waistline but they are high in fiber (fiber fill that is), just kidding. The cookies are made to look just like the real thing. They have an icing layer, two cookie dough layers, stuffing, and even include the sprinkles in red and green. At shows we have had some people even try to taste them.

They make a really nice gift to someone special or someone who is just hankering to look at something sweet.

Each cookie is approx. 312″ tall.

Everything you need to make five cookies is right in the package including precision cut wool felt, stuffing, a beading needle, the "jimmies", thread for beading, an embroidery needle, floss, and instructions.

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