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Leaving Earth

A game about planning and about managing risk in the Space Race, looking forward from 1956 at what the next twenty years might bring, exploring the Solar System.

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In the game of Hangtown, players become Gold Rush pioneers who are competing for riches, resources, property, and prestige.

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Victory through Industry

Industrial production for the war effort in WWII. Build a factory complex capable of manufacturing all the products needed at the front, from battleships to canned food.

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Vikings on the Volga

A game of trade and pillaging. From the fjords of the north to the rivers of the east come the longships of the Vikings. Seek your fortune in the lands of Russia, trading under the watchful eye of the prince of Kiev, or pillaging with the Golden Horde.

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A fast-paced, easy-to-learn, industrial-themed card game. Play cards to change what's in the factory, or save cards for points at the end.

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The Golden Wilderness

A game of early California, from the Spanish explorers to the Gold Rush. Players explore the land (which could be different every time) and develop local industries, like ranching and gold mining.

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Arrange simple shapes to get your team to guess the word before the time runs out. Fast-paced word-guessing game.

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A big box of wooden letters that can be used to play many different games or be used in various learning exercises.

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Suitors & Suitability

A game of cards based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Take the role of a young woman trying to win the affections of a suitor.

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