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Seamwise Tool Tips

All of these tips fit our standard handle and are interchangeable. Simply pull the tip out of the handle with a slight twisting motion and flip it over to close the seam ripper for storage. It makes a very fine cap.


standard tip

206.600AStandard Tip$8.95Add to Cart

This is the tip that comes with all of our seam rippers as standard. They are made of a top quality steel that holds a very sharp edge. Should you ever need it resharpened, a Dremel™ tool with a rubberized abrasive wheel (shaped to fit) can easily resharpen the cutting edge in a couple of seconds.

Heavy Duty

heavy duty tip

206.600CHeavy Tip$10.95Add to Cart

This tip is useful for those heavier fabrics such as denims, cotton duck, canvas, upholstery, and specialty fabrics such as leather or leather like material.


stiletto tip

206.6005Stiletto Tip$8.95Add to Cart

We have available a stiletto tip that fits in the same handle. This tip is like an awl. It is a great tool to use on your sewing machine when you are guiding a fabric folded corner under your presser foot. I tried using my finger to guide one once and I know one thing for sure, the sewing machine needle will go through a fingertip if you miss. Using our stiletto tool means your finger now much farther from the sewing machine's needle and presser foot making the whole process a lot safer.